Use the chart below to compare each ORPHE provider’s available services and plan features.

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2020 Updates No changes in 2020. Fidelity is no longer a provider option for new hires. The TIAA investment lineup will be updated for 2020. Details coming this fall.
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Services DCP offers an economically priced fee structure with diversified investments to help public sector employees build retirement security. Investments are organized into three pathways, making it easier to implement your strategy. Count on the support of a local team of DCP Retirement Specialists focused on helping you meet your goals. Manage your account 24/7 with a suite of online and mobile-friendly tools and resources. Fidelity offers a variety of self-service educational aids, including articles, tools and other online resources to assist with your planning needs; access to Fidelity representatives, who can provide information on enrollments, balances, contribution elections and other transactional and service-related requests; and web-based workshops on various educational topics. These online educational resources help build your knowledge and support your decision-making. TIAA is here to help you achieve a lifetime of financial well-being. TIAA ranks #1 in assets among all financial firms serving higher education. As a full service financial organization, TIAA has local, dedicated financial consultants in Virginia to help you reach your short and long-term goals. TIAA annuities are managed at cost – we do not make a profit.
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Plan Administrative Fees

See Performance & Fees for additional information.
$30.50 flat fee annually

$60.00 flat fee annually

$66.00 flat fee annually

Range of fees
(All provider fees subject to change.)

See Performance & Fees for additional information.
0.02% - 0.58% annualized
0.05% - 1.00% annualized

May include investment and administrative expenses.
0.07% - 0.89% annualized

May include investment and administrative expenses.
Number of Investments Available

Target date fund series are treated as one option
11 12 11
Default Investment Option Target Date Funds Target Date Funds Balanced Fund
Self-Directed Brokerage Account Yes Yes Yes
Annuities Available as a Plan Distribution Option Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated Plan Representatives

Investment advice is not an authorized service for the ORPHE plan.
Yes N/A Yes
  • Handbook for Participants in ORPHE Plan 1 and ORPHE Plan 2 Learn more about your plan, benefits and investments in the Optional Retirement Plan for Higher Education.

  • Choose the Plan and Provider That’s Right for You As a new college or university president, chancellor or faculty member engaged in teaching, administration or research, you have a choice in retirement planning.

  • State Health Benefits Program Enrollment Form for Retirees, Survivors and LTD Participants (T-20879)

  • Designation of Beneficiary (VRS-2)

  • Designation of Beneficiary - Continuation (VRS-2A)

  • Request for Transfer of Funds to ORP (VRS-3ORP)

  • Conversion of Group Life Insurance Enrollment (VRS-35E)

  • Request for Health Insurance Credit (VRS-45)

  • Notice of Return to Covered Employment Optional Retirement Plan Retiree (VRS-7ORP)

  • Termination Certification Form – Optional Retirement Plan for Higher Education (VRS-65D)

  • Optional/Alternative Retirement Plan Health Insurance Credit Employer Certification of Service (VRS-75)

  • VRS Durable Power of Attorney (VRS-901)